Keeping pets and their people together. ™

Dear Partners and Supporters,

Twelve years ago, the Banfield Charitable Trust (BCT) board and staff set out to create an organization that would strengthen the value of pets in families, promote better pet care, and maximize the lives of pets and their families by keeping pets healthy. Our mission was simple: to administer programs and facilitate solutions to “Keep pets and their people together.” Over the years, BCT has grown to be well-regarded in the pet advocacy arena and fiscally sound, serving thousands of struggling pet families with services and advocacy for their pets directly and in partnership with other non-profits.

Today, I write to inform you that, after a year of careful consideration, our board has decided that the best way to continue and expand on that mission is to transition the management of our programs to other organizations that have the expertise and whose staff share our passion for keeping pets and people together. Having successfully done so, the Trust will cease operations effective October 31, 2015, but our programs will live on through others.

From the very start, Banfield Pet Hospital has always been our closest partner and major supporter of our work. That included generous contributions by Banfield associates, their clients and you and for that we are grateful. Last year, Banfield approached BCT about the possibility of adopting one or more of its programs to be managed by its newly formed Banfield Foundation. We recognized that the marketing and philanthropic resources Banfield was prepared to expend would only strengthen these programs and deliver increased benefits to pet families and their communities. Therefore, the Board elected to transition four of its programs to Banfield and its foundation: Veterinary Assistance, Pet Advocacy, BCT Wellness Plans and HOPE Funds.

Soon thereafter, we engaged an outside advisor to research and recommend options for the future of BCT – namely the three remaining programs (Meals on Wheels Pet Assistance, Pet Peace of Mind and Community Pet Food Grants) and financial reserves built up and reinvested over time. Our goal was to ensure the mission and impact of these three programs would be strengthened by selecting organizations with the expertise and commitment to support the program they proposed to adopt. The board decided that to ensure maximum opportunity for a successful relaunch under different auspices, they would invest a portion of the reserves with each organization for program administration and to continue making grants. Binding grant agreements have been entered into with the following organizations to assume program responsibility going forward:

  • Banfield Foundation: Veterinary Assistance Grants, Pet Advocacy Grants, and BCT Wellness Plans;
  • Banfield Pet Hospital: HOPE Funds, used for emergency medical care in Banfield hospitals;
  • Meals on Wheels America: Meals on Wheels Pet Assistance program;
  • Pet Peace of Mind has moved to the charity formerly known as Senior Pet Care Resource Network. BCT was pleased to learn the charity is changing its name to Pet Peace of Mind November 1 to enhance branding and visibility of this important program. An ancillary grant has also been provided to the National Hospice Foundation to augment and reinforce a national network of hospice service providers; and
  • RedRover: Community Pet Food Grant restricted grant funding to establish a new national pet food assistance program.

Finally, a majority of the Trust staff has transitioned to positions with similar responsibilities with either Banfield Pet Hospital or the Banfield Foundation.

If you have any questions about the programs and their transitions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page. We also have provided direct links that will take you immediately to the new organizations with which you will need to interact to see more information about the programs and grant applications going forward.

We will remain available to answer or redirect inquiries, either by email or by phone (503) 922-5801 while we continue with the process of winding down BCT affairs. Our website will remain live until June 30, 2016, to ensure direct access to necessary information and links to new program sites.

In closing, on behalf of the board and staff, I wish to express how very grateful we are for your enthusiastic partnership with and advocacy on behalf of BCT over the years. While we are sad to say goodbye as an organization that has enjoyed such unwavering support over the years, we are confident that these beloved programs will thrive and grow in their new homes, fulfilling our mission and expanding essential services to help ensure the brightest possible future for families and their pets.


Jim Cleary

Jim Cleary
Chairman of the Board
Banfield Charitable Trust