Keeping pets and their people together. ™

Mission, vision and impact

Our vision, mission, and programs

Our vision is to ensure that every wanted and loved pet stays in their home. We strive to create strong and healthy bonds between pets and their owners so that pets are not left to uncertain futures in overcrowded shelters. We want to see pet families thrive. We are working to change the conversation in the national animal assistance arena to focus on preventing surrender. 

Our mission is to fund or administer programs to keep pets and people together and to facilitate solutions to ensure no pet owner will ever have to surrender their pet. We are committed to maintaining the human-pet bond. We offer support for emergency and preventive veterinary care, we help struggling pet owners with their pet care needs, and we offer grants to pet-related organizations that are providing solutions that get at the root causes of pet surrender.

Our emergency and preventive veterinary care programs help people facing financial challenges keep their pets healthy and offset costs in emergency medical situations.

Pet Peace of Mind® enables hospice patients to keep their pets at home with them throughout their end-of-life journey.

Our pet food program helps struggling pet owners feed their pets through an annual holiday event to collect food and monetary donations. Those donations are given to Meals On Wheels partners and nonprofits such as human food banks and emergency equine hay banks to maintain pet food banks and distribution programs. 

Pet Advocacy Grants help local pet-focused organizations across the country address unique needs facing their communities and develop innovative projects that offer new ways to help pets.

Our impact

Banfield Charitable Trust’s work is unique in the pet advocacy world. By focusing on prevention of pet homelessness, we aim to keep pets out of the overcrowded shelter system and with owners who love them. Annually, our programs help 100,000 people keep their pets. 

Fast facts

  • Banfield Charitable Trust is the largest funder of veterinary care assistance. In 2013, we gave more than $1,000,000 in vet care assistance to struggling pet owners though our three programs specializing in this area of need.
  • Banfield Charitable Trust is one of the largest providers of pet food funding in the country. In 2013, we awarded nearly $500,000 in pet food grants.   We helped more than 400 Meals On Wheels organizations to deliver pet meals with their human meals to homebound seniors. In addition to our work with Meals on Wheels, Banfield Charitable Trust also funded more than 40 community pet food banks throughout the nation.  In partnership with Royal Canin pet food, we also provided more than 75 tons of pet food to both Meals on Wheels and local pet food banks to feed family pets in need.
  • Banfield Charitable Trust funds innovative solutions to surrender at the local level. In 2013, we gave nearly $250,000 in grants to help community pet nonprofits provide innovative solutions for pet owners in need.
  • Since 2009, Banfield Charitable Trust has been revolutionizing hospice care by integrating pets as family members. In 2013, we gave nearly $100,000 in grants to nonprofit hospices to launch Pet Peace of Mind programs in their communities.



paw_printTo learn about the other ways BCT makes a difference in the lives of pets and their families download the 2013 Annual Report.